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...making life easier for the chromatographer

                         Since 2002 -  "...making life easier for the chromatographer"  

 HPLC parts and supplies

Field and shop repairs 

PM service 

Validation services (IQ/OQ/PQ/PV)


Telephone support  (intrumentation and chemistry/method troubleshooting) 

Not only parts and field service, but Smartphone video assisted support!

It's cheap. It's fast, and it rocks!

The next time you are thinking about scheduling a personal visit by a service engineer, try remote support using simultaneous webmeeting software, plus smartphone assisted video. There is no faster or cheaper way to get your HPLC instrument up and running. (OEMs: Agilent, Gilson, Rainin, Varian, Waters)

Credentials/Work history:

Education - M.S. Organic Chemistry (Univ. of Michigan)

6yrs - Biotech Specialist - Fisher Scientific

12 years - HPLC sales, service, training, installing (Rainin, Varian)

2 years - Molecular modeling software - Pacific NW and Western Canada - Molecular Simulations Inc./Accelrys

Since 2002 - Owner/Consultant Bear Creek Scientific, LLC, ...making life easier for the chromatographer  

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